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2008 Everest Expedition


We have a lot in store for you, from a new expedition timekeeper to a ground-breaking product category -expedition knives. From more Kobold expeditions, to our new HQ in northwestern Pennsylvania. Click around, take it all in, and as always, Embrace Adventure!

Kobold Timeline

1998 Kobold Founded
Part of Carnegie Mellon University entrepreneurship class project
1999 First Ambassador
Sir Ranulph Fiennes becomes brand ambassador in chief.
2000 Soarway Case
Begin collaboration between Ran Fiennes, Gerd-R. Lang and Michael Kobold on what would become the Soarway case
2002 Polar Surveyor
First Kobold watch with new Soarway case is released - Polar Surveyor Chronograph
2003 Phantom Tactical
Phantom Tactical Chronograph is released
2004 Kobold x Gandolfini
James Gandolfini designs the Seal, collaborates on ad
2005 SMG-1
The SMG-1 is designed
2006 American Adventure
The Spirit of America becomes the first Kobold wristwatch to be assembled in USA, sparking a trend.
Kobold begins investing in machinery to make watch components stateside.
Kobold releases the Spirit of America Automatic, the first serially produced American watch in 39 years. Its case is 100% Made in USA.
2009 Navy Seals x Black Ops
Phantom Black Ops is designed with U.S. Navy SEALs
2010 A new HQ
Kobold begins planning of new HQ in northwestern Pennsylvania
2011 Sherpas making a climb
Train two former Sherpa mountain guides from Nepal in art of watchmaking ahead of Nepal operations being founded
2012 Opening in Nepal
Kobold Nepal operations inaugurated by Ranulph Fiennes
2013 Kobold HQ complete
Kobold HQ established in Amish Country in northwestern Pennsylvania

Kobold Nepal

After firmly establishing its manufacturing arm in the U.S., Kobold begins international expansion by establishing operations in Nepal, a country synonymous with adventure. Run by two former Sherpa mountain guides, Kobold Nepal is poised to make a mark for itself in the world of horology.

Dear Friends and Supporters

Thank you for visiting the redesigned Kobold website. My colleagues and I welcome you to the world of Kobold, which is rapidly growing. 2013 marks our 16th year in business and we have only you to thank for the amazing journey that we've been on thus far. This year, we are launching our new collection of expedition knives. They perfectly complement some of the timepieces we've been turning out. In addition, we have begun producing leather watch straps in Nepal. Finally, in keeping with our efforts to manufacture as many components in the U.S. as possible, we are excited to announce the opening of our new headquarters in Amish Country, Pennsylvania. We look forward to welcoming you there and giving you a tour of our operations.

For now, please enjoy this newly created website!

Thank you for your support.